Our Story

"Turk Beezy" whose real name is Christopher G. Bell, was born in Houston Texas on December 21, 1991

He attended school in the cities of San Antonio and Fort Worth, Texas. After spending numerous years traveling through all of the biggest cities in Texas, he moved to the state of Alabama in 2005. Upon the move to Alabama, he transferred to a small regional school known as Robert C. Hatch High School, a predominantly African American school in Uniontown, AL, well known for there successful basketball achievements. After graduating for Hatch, Turk Beezy enlisted in The United States Army, and began basic training in Fort Benning, GA. After the completion of Basic Training he was stationed in Upstate New York in the city of Watertown at Fort Drum, New York. He also served in the Pakitika Providence of Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom 2012-2013 (OEF13). After the completion of service he began taking classes at the Entertainment orientated school of Full Sail University in the suburban town Winter Park, Florida. Taking up courses in their Music Business Degree program, he was able to learn useful skills that would help with the marketing and distribution of his own productions and help further expand his knowledge base.


With the release of several mix tapes including "Turk Beezy Entertainment," and "Still Running Every Coast" Turk Beezy Matches creative word play skills with informative knowledge in order to depict his story. Hard work and dedication is at core with Turk Beezy and a complete passion for the music. Some of his earliest role models were the likes of Tupac Shakur and other early 90's hardcore rap genre artist. Turk Beezy believes that change is happening in Hip-Hop and more genres are becoming discovered, but he also feels like some of the creative qualities of the material that has been created is fading and wants to open a gateway towards younger artist of the true Art form of his craft. His slick lyrical style along with his street relating material brings a mixture of material that connects different generations of people to a common ground.